Our up-to-date diagnostic machine coupled with our master Auto Electrician will ensure peace of mind when enquiring about diagnostics report at’ Piston and Polish Centre’. Modern vehicles have become more and more technologically advanced, thus making it more challenging for workshops in terms of diagnosing and servicing. Our Diagnostic technology is compatible with all popular brands of vehicles dating back up to 20 years. A competitively priced diagnostic report and expert advice will save you time and money and prevent other workshops from ripping you off. ‘Piston and Polish Centre’s’ diagnostic service is available to both the public and dealerships in the Ekurhuleni area.

Quality Checks

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, either privately or from a dealer, let us help you ensure that you know what you getting. We provide our inspection services to local dealers and private individuals who place their trust in us to get peace of mind when buying a vehicle. Our bumper to bumper 121-point check, including photos of the exterior, interior, tyres and undercarriage, will provide you with complete transparency and disclosure when you are buying a vehicle. Our service also includes a report on the vehicles service and repair history with the manufacturers, where available, and a diagnostic test report.

Engine Services

Only when a vehicle is serviced regularly, will it operate efficiently, ensuring a longer life span as well as making it easier to diagnose errors and defects professionally. The safety of you and your loved ones is reliant on a well maintained and regularly serviced vehicle. Our technicians are trained to be thorough with every task undertaken by them, thus ensuring that your vehicle receives the attention to detail that it deserves. At the ‘Piston and Polish Centre,’ we carry out both minor and major services to all makes of vehicles with the option of either you the client supplying the consumables or our spares department can provide them for you, all within our unbeatable rates. You, the client, can rest assured that we are always looking out for your best interest. We also offer a free diagnostic report with every service carried out at the Piston and Polish Centre. Enjoy the quality and assurance of a franchise workshop without suffering the massive prices charged.

Spare parts

Need help finding spare parts, let our procurement team help you out, we will find you the right part at discount prices. Our team are on the road daily sourcing parts dealers and individuals, let us take the hassle out of finding parts at the best prices for you.

Tyre Repair and Fitment

We are stockists of all popular sizes of tyres that are SABS Approved and we offer competitive pricing. Our extensive network of tyre suppliers allows us to stock both ‘branded’ and imported tyres, whichever suits your need and wallet. We also cater for the ‘Niche’ tyre brands and sizes that are not available at regular fitment centres. The ‘Piston and Polish Centre’ is also the stockist of high-quality tyres for the commercial market. This imported tyre rivals top brands such as Michelin and Dunlop in quality and at a fraction of the price. Call one of our friendly consultants at Piston and Polish Centre to compare our prices and services.

Mag & Rim Repair

One of the most stressful challenges facing motorists on the highways and byways of our country is negotiating the poor state of our roads. Unfortunately, sometimes these dreaded potholes are unavoidable causing damage to the rims or mags on your vehicle. At the Piston and Polish Centre, our highly trained technicians and a state-of-the-art rim repair machine will ensure a professional and cost-effective repair to your damaged rims or mags.

Windscreen Repair & Fitment

Piston and Polish Centre has taken windscreen fitment in the great Ekurhuleni area and beyond by storm. Servicing both the public and dealerships, our competitive prices and service excellence (including fitment within 24hours), is the motto ‘’Piston and Polish Centre” stands by. All our windscreens are SABS approved, laminated and shatterproof. We also cater for car door glasses and rear windscreens for almost all makes of vehicles. Windscreen chip repair is also a service we offer, as not every windscreen has to be replaced and can be repaired. All windscreen services are mobile and we can fit or repair your windscreen at your convenience anywhere in the greater Gauteng region.

Dent Removal

The famous highveld thunderstorms sometimes accompanied by hail are a spectacular sight to behold. As an owner of a vehicle getting caught in one of these storms can be a harrowing experience causing major damage to the body of your vehicle. The little dent on the door of your vehicle parked at the local mall can also be a frustrating eyesore. Our ‘in house’ technician has perfected the art of dent removal through years of experience. Call us for a free no obligations quote to repair your vehicle.

Valets & Detailing

From as far back as the production line of Henry Fords model ‘T’ Ford in 1908, man has been obsessed with the appearance of his motor vehicle. At the Piston and Polish Centre we have taken valeting and detailing a motor vehicle to new heights.

We offer 4 services whereby you can have your vehicle pampered:

Executive wash
A time-efficient wash where special attention is given to the body of the vehicle.

Engine & Executive
The same meticulous attention is given to the engine and body of the vehicle when carrying out this service.

When valeting your vehicle, we thoroughly wash & clean the entire vehicle including the chassis, engine, body, boot compartment, wheels, seats, carpets, roof lining, leather and plastic panels of the interior and all hard to reach areas.

All the above steps used in a valet are executed and rounded off with a 3 stage MAGUIAR’S polish that protects the paint on your vehicle. Focus and priority is placed on getting that ‘showroom’ finish. All the services offered include and aircon treatment that sanitizes the interior of your vehicle while giving it a fresh ‘new car’ fragrance.